The freedom of working online from home is great and more Americans are opting for an online education these days. But wouldn’t it even be better if your home changed every couple of months? For digital nomads, the world is their oyster. They work from anywhere in the world, so long as they can get an internet connection.

While traveling, you’ve probably met several students completing their education online while enjoying the world. What better time to travel while pounding your way through online doctoral nursing programs or traveling the MSN to DNP online journey, and before beginning a career with much harder timelines and fixed destinations? For those students, these are the travel destinations that come highly recommended.

The United States

The United States is a beautiful country with many fantastic cities and breathtaking scenery. This might be easiest for those with only a short time to travel or if you are considering a last-minute trip. Some of the most popular destinations include:

  • Lake Tahoe, Nevada – enjoy the mountains, water, skiing in the winter, and lots of cheap hotels in the summer.
  • Marfa, Texas – this outpost in the flatlands of West Texas is famous for the Marfa Lights and a vibrant arts scene.
  • The Florida Panhandle – the prettiest beaches in the country and cheap off-season accommodations.


If you have enrolled on a Bradley University online nursing program there is no better place to study than Greece.  Santorini is an ideal option; rustic and quiet you can write your essays and revise your modules with the ocean in the background and a warm breeze across your face.  However, do choose your destination carefully. While Santorini is very rustic and quiet, please know that many islands in the country have become hotbeds for party goers, so they might not offer the best atmosphere for online students.


While it hasn’t always been the case, Columbia is fast becoming one of the most stable and safest countries in South America. The city of Armenia, a picturesque city in the coffee-growing region, is one fantastic options. And locals put coffee in everything, literally! Whether it’s coffee cake, coffee ice cream or coffee-flavored meats, if you can name it, it probably has coffee in it. And, they drink the stuff like water. Besides that, the country is very pretty with friendly people and good internet connections.

Cape Town, South Africa

Everyone should visit Cape Town at least once in their life, preferably in the summer. It has beautiful scenery with mountains, oceans, and plenty of greenery. Learn how to hang glide, visit some of the African villages in the countryside, and take a swim with the Great White sharks offshore.

 Saigon, Vietnam

The entire country is rebounding from its years of civil war. Although much of the French colonial architecture was lost in the war, there are still some great old buildings. The food is great, the people are friendly, and cost of living is cheap.

Final Words

The life of the digital nomad can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. If you can accept missing some of the “nicer” things in life, many developing countries offer a chance to enjoy nature while still enjoying the perks of modernity. Just travel light and don’t stay in one place too long!