6 Things to Do When Travelling

The great thing about travelling the world is the freedom it brings, whether for a week, a month or a year. However, there are some things you must do when travelling, whether you are a seasoned backpacker or take a trip once a year.

Try the Local Cuisine

One of the best ways to embrace a new […]

5 Great Destinations for Digital Nomads

The freedom of working online from home is great and more Americans are opting for an online education these days. But wouldn’t it even be better if your home changed every couple of months? For digital nomads, the world is their oyster. They work from anywhere in the world, so long as they can get […]

Tips for Studying Whilst Vacationing in Santorini

Are you planning an exciting vacation in beautiful and unforgettable Santorini, Greece? But are you going to school at the same time? Perhaps you’re heading off to Santorini for spring break or for a long weekend that you can enjoy with your family or friends. Rather than falling behind on your studies, follow the easy […]

From Diving to Jet Skiing – 5 Great Activities to Enjoy in Santorini

Santorini is an island within the Cyclades Islands of the Aegean Sea, and it is a part of the amazing country of Greece. Tourists from all over the world flock to this unique destination each year in order to enjoy its lovely culture, its delicious cuisine, and its many fun activities. To learn about a […]

How to Handle the Top 3 Emergencies When Travelling Abroad

Your trip of a lifetime is drawing closer and the excitement is brewing in the pit of your stomach. Bags are packed, travel insurance is confirmed, you have all the required vaccinations and your itinerary is all planned out. The last thought in your head is of dealing with an emergency while overseas.

Unfortunately, emergencies do happen and […]

Travel Beauty Secrets the Flight Attendants Won’t Tell You

When it comes to flying and looking and feeling your best in-flight, there aren’t many people who know more than flight attendants. Cabin crew spend a large part of their lives in the air, and they always manage to look glamorous and perfectly groomed at the same time. How do they do it? Whether you’re planning a short-haul flight and want to look your best for someone special […]

Weather in Santorini

The weather in Santorini is varied, as can be said about the rest of the fellow Cyclades Islands. A typical Mediterranean climate for the most part, this dramatic volcanic island experiences warm summers with extended periods of sunshine, followed by mild, windy, and rainy winters.

The geographic location around the ancient volcano in the southern Aegean […]

A Unique Island Vacation: Santorini in the Greek Cyclades

By Susie Holden

The Cyclades islands, located south of Greece in the Aegean Sea, are absolutely stunning. When most people think of the words “island paradise” it’s typically Hawaii and the South Pacific that spring to mind, but the Cyclades definitely deserve this accolade too. It isn’t just us that think that, Travel and Leisure recently […]

Iconic Santorini Luxury

Each of the enchanting rooms and suites at Iconic Santorini, a boutique cave hotel capture the true class and quality expected of a luxury caldera hotel, where traditional handmade cave accommodations combine the finest in contemporary amenities and authentic Greek-styling. […]

Cyclades Cooking and Culture; A Yachting Guide to the Greek Islands

By Ella Jameson

With its stunning scenery, mouth-watering food, fascinating history and wonderful weather, it’s not hard to see why Greece is one of the most popular destinations in the world in which to take a sailing holiday. One of the many benefits of choosing Greece as your next sailing destination is that there really is […]

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2017 Early Booking Offer
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